Impact of covid-19 pandemic on the hypertension control: perspectives from health system

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  • Ngày xuất bản : 28/04/2023
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  • Tác giả : Tran Tuan Anh
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  • Tran Tuan Anh 1 - Hanoi University of Public Health
  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong 1 - Hanoi University of Public Health
  • Pham Nu Hanh Van 2 - Hanoi University of Public Health
  • Vu Thu Trang 3 - Hanoi University of Public Health
  • Tran Lan Anh 4 - Hanoi University of Pharmacy
  • Hoang Van Minh - Hanoi University of Public Health
  • La Thi Quynh Lien - Hanoi University of Pharmacy

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic impacts daily lives and healthcare access, including hypertension healthcare access and utilization. The aim of this study is to evaluate how Covid-19 pandemic affects to local public and private healthcare systems in response to hypertension control.

Methods: A mixed-method approach of both quantitative and qualitative studies was applied. The participants being representatives of the healthcare facilities at the district, commune, private clinic, and pharmacy level in two districts (one urban and one rural district) of Hanoi, Vietnam were invited to the study. A descriptive analysis for quantitative and a content analysis approach for qualitative were employed.

Results: All healthcare facilities were mostly fully or partly interrupted by COVID-19 as the number of outpatients visited with hypertension decreased during COVID-19, especially at the commune level. Insufficient clinical staff was the reason that was frequently stated. In parallel, insufficient antihypertensive medicines leading to increased prices, psychological effects on health staff and disruption of training-related activities for healthcare workers were notably impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the healthcare system regarding hypertension control.

Conclusion: Our study confirmed the disruption of COVID-19 on hypertension-related activities (including screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of hypertension).

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